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The Best Photo Moments With Your Friends and Family on Wedding Day

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When it comes to “must-have” wedding photos, I’m not the type of photographer to force things or work off of lists except for the Family Formals list. Instead, I believe that when a moment unravels naturally, that’s when it becomes a great photograph.

In my experience, having too many expectations can add unnecessary pressure to your experience and ruin the fun. So instead, I prefer to chat through the flow of the day with a couple and their planner so we can connect on and prepare for great moments and really great photographs!

In today’s post, I’ll point out a few key moments you’ll likely want captured with your family and friends. These are the images couples love looking back on, and I love photographing them! So they’re definitely worth keeping in mind.

Have a look!

Welcome Party

I can’t stress enough how helpful Welcome Party coverage is for you, your families, and me to all get comfortable with each other for the next day! (Especially if you opted out of an engagement session.) By gathering together beforehand and “practicing” in front of the camera, everyone feels more relaxed and excited on the big day. And that naturally leads to better photographs.

Also, if you’re wearing a super cute dress that night, why not get some coverage in another one of your fabulous weekend looks?!

Welcome Party coverage also helps to paint an even bigger picture of the festivities, offers time for photos with guests in a candid style, and kicks off the weekend’s events!

Getting Ready

Nothing screams, “It’s time for a wedding!” more than seeing a bride’s dress – especially the moment she’s preparing to slip into it!

One of the best recipes for this anticipated moment is having plenty of time, a calm setting, beautiful natural light and ample space. I love chatting through this with my brides and can suggest an excellent plan for this special moment with the cherished people who will be there to assist you.

Ceremony Highlights

Some of my favorite moments happen during the ceremony. I love when a bride or groom walks down the aisle, they kiss, and they recess back up the aisle as a married pair surrounded by their cheering family and friends!

Take your time during each of these points. And maybe stop for another kiss to soak it all up!

Dance Floor Energy

Those moments on the dance floor when you’re celebrating with your friends and family, really letting loose – that’s definitely worth capturing! When you become the party king and queen and elevate the energy, everyone around you feels that and joins in on the fun. That’s when the hilarious and epic moments unfold, and all of those energetic vibes translate in your photographs.

Kids Being Kids

Flower girls and ring bearers have their own little personalities, and I encourage carving out some time earlier in the day to take some portraits with the kiddos. I find that they have more excitement and curiosity for photos before the ceremony kicks off.

And, let the kids be kids! Trust me, you’ll love looking back at those pictures. 

Cocktail Hour

We love capturing the setting, guest fashion, hors d’oeuvres and candid moments as everyone mingles and has a good time. And if you want group photos that aren’t as formal, cocktail hour is also the ideal time to snap some of those!

Family Fun

We all know family photos are so important; they’re treasures! But as we take your “family formal” photos, make sure to have fun in-between group shots with your loved ones. Don’t take it too seriously, and enjoy having some candid moments captured with your fam.

Speeches and Formal Dances

These special times during the wedding provide splendid candid moments and natural reactions. My best advice is to not overthink them. We can chat about them, but I recommend really being in the moment and forgetting about the camera. I’ll take care of the rest!

Whatever photos you have in mind, the best thing you can do is communicate your desires and expectations with your photographer ahead of time. Then let go, be present, and enjoy the ride!

Let me know which of these moments you’re most looking forward to! And let’s talk about how I can capture every beautiful moment of your wedding day. Contact me here.

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We're red lipstick bold, classics to the core, romantics at heart, and that effortless, boyfriend's-button-down-shirt sexy. This would be a great spot for a video background.


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