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Planning time – Free Calendars!

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I’ve always been a calendar, day planner, and journaling type of gal.  I’ve tried all kinds of calendars and day planners – and while many of them were pretty or seemed like they would work, they just ended up not fitting my particular needs. First, let me just say: there’s no right or wrong way to do this. I’ve talked to people who have their own unique ways over remembering important dates, tasks and planning for the future. 


So I partnered with my friend Ashley Nardone who is an amazing designer, to put together these customizable calendars that I absolutely love using and can’t imagine running my business and balancing my life without. I’m so excited to share them with you.

I’ll say one of my favorite features of the calendars is that they’re split into two sectioned areas: The Top of the calendar squares (the days) is white and the bottom is grey. The Grey for me signifies my “play” – the personal stuff, self-care, family, and fun! And the White signifies work tasks, shoots, meetings and anything business related. So When I do a quick glance at my month or week… I can see if I’m pretty balanced out between work and play and I love that so much. It’s helped me remain a lot more intentional about what I’m scheduling and saying YES and NO to.

Speaking of intentional: I use certain planners like Lara Casey’s “Cultivate what Matters” Power sheet Goal Planner (which I highly recommend) for anyone who wants to set intentional goals and dig pretty deep

Ok, so before you download your FREE CALENDARS, I just wanted to run you through some of my favorite ways to use them.    



·    Print in Color

·    I usually print 6 months at a time and 6 weeks at a time to have the weekly’s easily acceptable and the monthly’s in clear view on the fridge

·    I keep my weekly calendar in my office on my desk, I keep the 6 months all clipped together (using a strong magnet clip) on my fridge where I see it numerous times a day. These are the magnet clips

·    I also use these highlighters because they include so many unique colors! I highlight important delivery dates, shoot dates, appointments and occasions in their own unique colors. For example: I always know an Album Design Delivery Date is highlighted in pink and this gives me a good visual when I’m doing a quick glance or trying to find something in particular. 

·    For the Monthly Calendars- I love using the note section on the right hand side to write anything memorable for that month, any big projects that need to be done, any big date nights, events, or things to prepare for that month. Additionally I use it as a intentional goal setting technique – For Example: If I’m currently in May and I know that in November I want to accomplish something , I write it in every month leading up to Nov because it reminds me to get to work on this big picture goal, Even though it’s not totally scheduled and planned, I see it and start scheduling smaller actions steps each month.

·    For the Weekly Calendars – I also love using the note section to start writing out notes for the following week, or reminders, etc. That way when I work on my schedule for the following week, I have some helpful tips from the week prior on priorities and tasks that didn’t get finished or I know I really want to complete.

·    I like to use the little squares at the bottom right hand side of the monthly calendar to check myself. And by check myself I mean – the 5th square to me, means “THIS MONTH IS SO SLAMMED, I CANT FIT ONE MORE THING” So I usually like to check the Calendars based on how busy I am certain months and how light I want to take it certain months. I think this is also a wedding photographer thing, but I know many occupations have lighter workloads certain months – so this is a good gauge for not allowing yourself to get too busy and swamped. It’s a good way to teach yourself what to say yes to and what to say no to. 

There you have it! Those are just some quick ideas on how I use the calendars. Again theres no wrong or right way – they are designed to give you complete control of how to plan and organize all the goods in your beautiful life! If you find some excellent practice that works for you, please comment below. I’d love to know how they are working for you! Enjoy, Enjoy my friends!


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We're red lipstick bold, classics to the core, romantics at heart, and that effortless, boyfriend's-button-down-shirt sexy. This would be a great spot for a video background.


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