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Q: Do travel for weddings?
A: Yes, absolutely. We love to travel and have our passports ready to go. During the time we discuss your collection, we can create a custom travel plan for you.

Q: Digital or film?

A: We combine film and digital on most wedding days. By providing both, we are able to offer our clients the best medium for each scenario.

Q: Do you photograph same sex weddings?

A: Absolutely, we are the easiest going group with open arms to equal love and people from all walks of life.

Q: Do you provide Albums and Prints?

A: Definitely, we LOVE our Flagship Products. We are more then happy to set up a viewing with you. Each Wedding collection comes with an Album or an album design. We believe in viewing your photographs for the first time in a story format with the greatest highlights of the day.

Q: How many images will I receive?

A: For weddings: We deliver anywhere from 400 – 1200 images depending on the amount of coverage you choose.

For portraits sessions: We deliver anywhere from 50-120 images.

Q: When will my photographs be available for viewing?

A: For weddings: Our average turnaround time for weddings is 8 weeks.

A: For portraits: Our average turnaround time for portraits is 5 weeks, sometimes sooner depending on the season.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for our portrait session location?

A: We will have you fill out a questionnaire or hop on a call with you to better understand what you’re looking for. If you have no idea, that’s what were here for! We suggest choosing a location that means something to you, a location that has lots of available natural light and being adventurous and fun!

On the Engagement or Portrait Session note…

I get a lot of questions about what to wear for these sessions. Here are some  tips and ideas on how to plan an amazing outfit and Engagement Session, Boudoir Session, Maternity Session or Newborn Session. I’ve created a couple Pinterest boards to help give you ideas.

Inspiration Boards:

1. Start envisioning what you want your photographs to look like. What will be the mood, theme, and setting? I send all of my clients a “Getting to Know You” Questionnaire that will really help you decide this. Once we’ve chosen a location and a “look” or “theme”… this should help you out a lot more when it comes down to deciding what to wear.

2. Browse online before going shopping. A lot of wedding blogs offer great creative inspiration for a unique session.  First get the concept, than get the outfit. 

3. Think about a color scheme, props (that can be your dog, your favorite bikes, your sailboat, or not even a prop but a mountain you can hike!) But often, less is more. I love a Simple, neutral setting that allows the people in front of my camera to really shine.

4. Create a Pinterest Board of your ideas and your top 2 “dream” looks that you want to go for in your session. Once you have a vision board, shopping becomes a lot easier. Getting creative within your closet is totally possible too. Continue to refer back to your vision board or file of inspiration photos… this is key if you want to create a styled look for your engagement session and need that extra guidance.

5. Keep in mind that layering and accessorizing is amazing for pictures. I guarantee you that any photographer gets excited to see a couple well dressed and well put together. Layering: maybe you want to wear a little black dress… how do you spice it up? Add a cardigan, or layered necklaces, scarves, earrings, etc. By building and layering on top of a simple dress, or a shirt and jeans you create an outfit! This will show character and style in you images.

Bring extras that day that can be useful, helpful and inspirational. Bring items that mean something to you as a couple, bring an extra pair of shoes that are comfortable to walk around in besides your heels or dress shoes, especially if were shooting at a big park where we are required to do a lot of walking in-between. Bring towels in case we get wet! Hey, You never know if you’ll want to jump in a  fountain or the ocean, This is the kind of enthusiasm I love. Just make sure to bring a towel and a pair of dry clothes. If you want to bring your pup, I’m all for it! I love all kinds of furry friends. Usually it’s best to do the first part of the session with the animals and than a family member or friend takes them back home for the last part of the session. This just depends on location and lighting/time.

6. Before your actual portrait session, do some prepping: Try everything on together and see how you look. Do you like it? Make sure you feel comfortable and confident… this is so important. Practice a little in front of the mirror, see how you feel.

7. Makeup and Hair is always a good investment to make and a great way to make your photos that much better. The camera tends to drown colors so a little extra on your cheeks, eyes and lips doesn’t hurt. This is time to show off 🙂 If you do a great job on yourself ladies, then wonderful!

Important tips to remember:

  • Color is your friend, but let me know what you’re thinking and I can make suggestions
  • White can drown you out, I prefer to work with beige or off white
  • Anything flowy photographs beautifully. I love flowy
  • Iron all of your clothes before the shoot
  • Your style should reflect your personalities or the mood you want
  • Don’t be too matchy matchy
  • Think about your location and the season, climate, surroundings
  • Too much of a print can be distracting, choose a subtle one if so
  • Accessories, props and layering!
  • Be comfortable and be yourself


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  1. JC Ruiz says:

    Great post! I never thought about a Pinterest board. What a great recommendation.

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We're red lipstick bold, classics to the core, romantics at heart, and that effortless, boyfriend's-button-down-shirt sexy. This would be a great spot for a video background.


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We're red lipstick bold, classics to the core, romantics at heart, and that effortless, boyfriend's-button-down-shirt sexy. This would be a great spot for a video background.


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